3 Best Skincare Products For Babies

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite skin care products that I swear by and use everyday. Once and again, when I say skin care, the one brand that comes to my mind is Weleda. I absolutely love a number products from this line. Weleda uses herbs and plant based ingredients to make their products and I have so many favorites in this brand. For adult skincare recs, you can go to my old post about this.

Below today, I want to share with you the skin care products I use and strongly recommend if you have a baby or one on his/her way.

1. Weleda Calendula Baby Diaper Rash Cream :

This was an obvious decision I’d made. When it came to a diaper rash cream, I wanted something that was natural/herbal and was very safe. the aroma of this one is pleasant and the cream itself glides of very smoothly. 15 months into using it, I can say without a doubt, it got us through some pretty bad rash situations. Infact, I had used it on my tummy once when I had a weird rash too! it works really well and I highly recommend you use it.

2. Weleda Calendula Baby Lotion and Cream :

I had looked no further for this one too. As I was already a fan of this line for a long time, It was only natural to opt the lotion from Weleda. There is also a cream of the same formula except its a thicker more creamier version of the lotion. I use them both interchangeably and I have no complaints there. Love this line, Love the products and the aroma is so darn good. By now you know we have a large package of Weleda products in the mail every month. If you are looking for products that you can use for a long long time and always go back to, Weleda is the brand for you.

3. Mustela Cleansing Gel :

I love reading and watching reviews of products on YouTube. On one of those many occasions, I stumbled upon a review that convinced me that I had to try this. I had heard about it quite a lot and I wanted something (especially for a body wash) that smelled like the perfect baby. If you even know what I mean, and you get it, you’ll definitely love the Mustela Cleansing gel for this very reason. To add to the wonderful baby smell, its soft on the skin and does not make the baby’s skin flaky even in the harshest of winters. Its a tip to toe gel that you use to the baby’s hair as well and I love everything about it.

So these are my personal recs for baby skincare products. I know both these brands are available in many countries and I’m pretty sure you can find them on Amazon.

For more posts , coming soon, keep looking at this space!

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