Must Have Skincare Basics – my absolute favorites for all seasons

As I start getting closer to 30 , I’ve found myself constantly looking for better skin care products. Its always good to know how to take better care of your skin as you get older.

I always struggled with skin care as a teenager. I had breakouts and acne all the time which made my pores large eventually. I have uneven skin and some problem areas on my face with hyperpigmentation too. For a long time I tried and went back and forth with a lot of products and I’ve loved some products and some just didn’t work for me. But luckily for me, I haven’t had a bad experience with using any product so far. No negative effects on my skin.

There are some holy grail products that I swear by and love to use on my combination skin all year long . Then there are some that I use according to the climate change and the time of the year.

So here are some of my absolute favorites –


These products are the ones you will find in my cabinet all year long :

1. Weleda Skin Food : I am a fan of this brand in general and for me its the most trusted brands I have ever used. I buy a lot of products from this line, one because its natural and two because of the scent. I love the scent, the texture, the packaging and everything about the Skin food. The texture is slightly thicker than normal. It goes on really well when you use it with a body oil. It just makes it easier to apply. The scent is herbal-y and smells so good! I always purchase this cream in bulk. Love it for everyday use and I take a small tube when I travel too. My skincare ritual would be incomplete without the Weleda Skin food.

2. Vitamin C serum : I don’t stick to a specific brand for the vitamin C serum and I’m not sure why haha. I buy mine from Amazon and it has hyaluronic acid in it and helps in giving my skin that plump freshness.

3. Weleda Iris Facial Lotion : Again this is my favorite facial cream for all year long and I always keep going back to this. It has the best scent. Its non-greasy and keeps my face looking healthy all day. I love this product for so many reasons. The only setback with this product is that it comes only in a 1fl oz size. And its $15 to $18 on Amazon. I wonder why they don’t manufacture a bigger tube.. ’cause I’d buy a large tube for sure.

4. Konjac Sponge : I like to try out a lot of cleansers and I do not stick to one. Currently using the clean and clear citrus. But for exfoliation, I love konjac sponges. They are very little abrasive and deep clean my pores. I use my cleanser with konjac sponge atleast 3 days a week like a scrub and it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Konjac sponges come in lot of flavors too and infused with charcoal, aloe etc.

5. Rosebud Salve : The Rosebut salve does not leave my cabinet at any point of time. Its the most moisturising lip balm and keeps my lips soft on the coldest days of the year. Im a fan of the minted rose flavor. It leaves a tingle on your lips


1. Weleda Rose Oil : I bought this product following a review from a youtuber and I didn’t look back. My skin turns crazy wierd in the winter. Its tends to be very dry and flaky. Every night in the winter , after a warm shower , I mix a few drops of the rose oil with a little bit of the Weleda Skin food and slather it all over my body… it feels so luxurious and keeps my body soft all night. The fragrance is a plus!

2. Vitamin E Oil : Its very common to have flaky skin in winters. With the heaters on all the time , skin tends to get dry. The naturals oils produced by your skin aren’t enough when there’s not enough humidity. Vitamin E oil has always helped keep my skin soft. It can be used in combination of other lotions or body oils. A very small amount of it goes a long way protecting dryness prone skin. I personally use it with coconut oil or in combination with The Weleda skin food. Vitamin E oil can also be used to protect hair from free radicals. Just applying a few drops of it to the ends of your hair gives a sheen look and protects from having split ends.

These 2 products don’t leave my cabinet during winter. They are my holy grail and I don’t need to worry anymore about skincare.

These are the basic skin care products I swear by and have been using since a long time. What’s your favorite skincare products? Let me know in the comments below

Keep watching this space for more posts.

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