Sick Day Vitamin C Boosting Soup Recipe

We are currently going through sick days back to back. During the winters, Its so freezing cold outside that we barely get any direct sunlight except through the windows. Back in India, children are exposed to early morning sun rays everyday to build immunity. Although its possible here in the summers , its not ideal in the winters because of the cool breeze. When the flu hits, its the most uncomfortable and tiring time of the year and for us moms, as you know, there are no sick days!

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3 Best Skincare Products For Babies

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite skin care products that I swear by and use everyday. Once and again, when I say skin care, the one brand that comes to my mind is Weleda. I absolutely love a number products from this line. Weleda uses herbs and plant based ingredients to make their products and I have so many favorites in this brand. For adult skincare recs, you can go to my old post about this.

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5 Things Your kids Need To Hear From You Growing Up

There are so many things that our children can only learn from us growing up, that shape most of their personalities going forward. We, as mothers have a strong influence on our kids as they enter a world that is much larger than we lived in as children. While all the values and morals we teach them are very important, there are some other things that they need to hear from us every step of their journey. Those words, coming from us will mean the world to them. The kind of words they will trust to be true, blindly. The ones that will make them fall back on us whenever they hit a wall in life. And while they embark on a journey we might not understand, it could get harder to say these words but deep inside we’ll know its for the best to always say them.

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