How I Plan My Week In Advance : My Planner

I always find myself being more organised when I plan ahead of time. When I prep for the next day , it gives me more space and free time. I’m definitely not the poster child for being organized or for planning but I did learn from other blogs about how to make a schedule for everyday household chores , weekly meal plans and more.

I used many printables and tried tons of systems and I only found a few to work for me. I always take advantage of free printables in blogs. You can also try and create your own , one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Being a SAHM (stay at home mommy), a new one at that, my schedule’s just been changing every week as my daughter is still an infant. I like to keep my basic routine pretty simple these days. So I wanted to share with you how I plan for the phase of life I’m in right now.

Cleaning : I like to keep my apartment de-cluttered and clean for the most part. Now that my baby is growing up, she will slowly start grabbing things and soon be crawling all over the place. I prefer having natural cleaning products to reach for. This year I adopted a new way to keep my home neat and clean everyday. Speed Cleaning. All you need is to set the timer to 20 min and clean everything thats within reach and easily visible. The rest is left for the weekend when I have more time for deep cleaning. I am currently buying all my cleaning products from Grove Collaborative. They ship products to you on a monthly basic . You can customize what you need every month and change your shipping dates as well. Its relally useful and its helps you avoid running out of products too.

Organizing : To be honest, we have a very tiny closet for the kind of clothes craze we got going around in this house. My husband and I are both super fond of shopping and it seems like we never have enough clothes. And to keep them from piling up and falling off the shelf every time I pick out something to wear, I have to do some sectioning and organizing. I do this with the help of fabric storage bins that I buy on Amazon. They are really inexpensive for the material and they get the job done. I often donate the clothes I’m not wearing anymore. I also recently came across Poshmark and Thred up where you can sell you clothes for less. So yeah, there are tons of options to organize and de-clutter no matter how small or big your closet is.

Meal Planning : One of the most important things for me is to have hot , homemade meals everyday. I prefer cooking every day and like to plan and prep for the cooking part. I make some time on Sundays to chop and store veggies for the week. I soak,pressure cook and store chickpeas and red kidney beans for a quick hummus or salad or for a curry to go with flatbread/roti. I like to have minced or ground ginger and garlic on hand for cooking on week nights. I put garlic in literally everything. haha. 😀 So this helps me make one pot dinners, curries, stir fry and rice etc. We usually go out to eat on weekends when we have a full day planned outside. I will explain my meal plan in detail in another blog post.

Self Care : I’m a new mommy and honestly I haven’t been getting a lot of time for self care lately compared to before but I try to fit in some time for myself when the baby is napping or when the hubby is taking care of her. I really feel like I need some time to wind down in the night before bedtime even though I still have to wake up once or twice in the middle of the night. I like to have a bath and do a quick clean up around the house so that I can wake up and find everything in place. Brewing a hot cup of coffee in a kitchen full of dirty dishes is the last thing I’d like to do first thing in the morning! I love a good walk but since the weather is still cold , thats rare. Im desperately waiting for spring and the warm sun so that I can soak my feet in the grass again. I love that feeling 😎✌. I like to have other things planned so that I also find time to do these things in peace.

My Planner

I have a Webster’s Pages planner in the personal size. I used a daily planner from Danielle Laporte up until end of 2017 along with this one. In the Daily planner I usually wrote personal goals and plans for life. It was useful to write more and in detail. I use the personal size for all the other things like home , medical appointments, baby care, groceries, meal plans and travel plans. This year I switched the daily planner for a plain notebook for journaling and gratitude.

So thats how I plan and organize my life so that it does not feel overwhelming on a daily basis. Hope you liked this post.

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