Habits For A Better 2018

For a little over 3 years, I have been a stay at home wife and I had a ton of time for everything I have to do around the house and then some. I made new discoveries and learnt new ways to take care of myself and my home. From food habits to home decor , you name it I’ve read about it. Also I follow quite a few YouTubers and try to take as much inspiration as I can.

My routine has completely changed ever since my baby girl Raaga was born. Obviously the baby demands more time and attention now and my old habits took a back set. I have less time for self care as compared to before she came. But I’m trying to make things simple and stretch a little bit more during the weekend so that I have some time to really focus on myself and my home during the weekdays.

So here are just a few things I hope to follow in 2018 to make it a great year for all of us as a family.


It may go without saying for some of you and for some others it may not even count as a habit. To be honest , I never struggled to pray or for connection. I can say I’m more spiritual in my everyday life more than I’m religious. I believe in god and I do wish for my family’s well being and I am always grateful but I don’t need a place or time to pray this way. I believe I’m always connected and the universe answers in different forms each time I ask for something. I usually do not speak about my faith because I don’t like to be judged. I am Hindu by religion. I don’t confine myself to praying to just a structure or picture of god. I like to believe that god is watching and I’m protected at all times. That said, I do follow all my rich cultural customs and traditions and we visit the temple every week together as a family.

Recently when my mom visited to help me with the baby (which is so awesome of her!) , She gave me this beautiful Tibetan beads prayer Mala. She traveled to lake Manasarovar last year and she bought this on the way to the lake. when she reached the lake , she dipped the mala in the pious water and brought for me. She gave this to me in a lovely kashmiri painted box. ( the box was from when she visited Vaishno Devi Temple last year. My mom always inspired me to pray in unconvetional ways. She said I can focus on one single thing I want and pray on it while holding the beads close to my heart or by counting each bead with my fingers as I pray and complete one round of 108 beads.

The Mala also has 3 citrines in between ( the yellow crystals). The citrine’s radiant yellow and gold energies are said to open and energize the solar plexus and naval chakras. They direct personal power and creativity. It is also said to help give clarity in any situation. It aids in manifestation. This is something I recently started praying with. This mala gives me so much strength whenever I hold it in my hands.

Be A Better Planner

I like to plan as it gives me more freedom on a day to day basis. when I write things down I tend to follow them. Like having lists is something very important for me. Being a new mommy , I can get stressed out without a list for groceries and a to do around the house on the weekend. I feel very productive when the majority of my week is planned in advance.

It also gives me space for things that suddenly come up. I will share how I plan in my planner in another blog post sometime soon. πŸ™‚

Cleaning And Organizing

I have been watching a lot of cleaning videos lately and I’ve come across a number of speed cleaning videos. Its where you set the timer to 10 or 20 min depending on how but your house is and do a speed clean routine everyday and leave the deep cleaning for once or twice a month. I like this method and It worked for me πŸ™‚ . This year I want to be better at organizing my closet and also donating from time to time , the clothes and accessories that I really don’t wear anymore. Our closet is always full because we love shopping for clothes. Its just never enough. but this year I will definitely work on the organizing part πŸ˜‰

My passion – Music

I love to sing and I was trained in classical music as a child. My mom sings too and she has a beautiful voice. I got my voice from her and I always loved to try new songs. I keep listening to so many musicians play and sing online on youtube and instagram and facebook and so I attempted to start singing film songs of my liking on facebook. Then after a month or so I had maybe 6 videos up when I found out I was pregnant. I just sort of lost sight of it the whole time I was pregnant and for weeks after giving birth. I want to get back to singing. It makes my soul happy and its like a creative outlet for me. I recently started a new instagram account called @ramyakirtanamusic. I’d love for you to check it out and shower some love on my videos.

So these are some of my new year resolutions and goals for 2018. I hope to improve myself and be a better person everyday. Thank you for reading! ❀ I’d love for you to come check out my music on my instagram @ramyakirtanamusic.

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