My Diaper Bag – What’s In My Bag

My Katespade diaper bag is the only bag I carry around these days. I’m so in love with the design of this bag. It was a birthday present last year from my husband after we just found out we were pregnant. It fits a million things and still looks like it can take more.

I started using this bag much before my little one was born because its a large bag and it could fit all my prego snacks! I was always hungry and I never left home without a water bottle, some kind bars, and sometimes a sandwich…and Oh! Banana chips. I craved banana chips all the time when I was pregnant. This bag came along with me to New York as a carry on luggage too.

Its been a lifesaver after my baby was born. It came with a portable diaper changing pad. It looks stylish and also goes along with all my outfits. 😀 So I wanted to share with you, my diaper bag essentials off late.

  1. My Michael Kors wallet
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Sanitizer
  4. Diapers (so many!!)
  5. Avent bottle
  6. A bib and a napkin
  7. Any type of beverage, maybe a tea or iced coffee , or just water.
  8. Boogie wipes which I recently realized are so useful.
  9. My goggles
  10. My planner – I generally don’t take it everywhere but I like things organised and written down somewhere. I have some awesome apps on my phone for planning and I will share them soon in another blog post.
  11. Portable charger : This comes in really handy because I hate to see my phone anywhere near low battery.
  12. Rosebud salve (or any lip balm)
  13. a large clip or scrunchy to tie my hair in a bun.
  14. Feminine wipes

These are my current diaper bag must haves for the stage of life I’m in right now.

Although all of these items are not absolutely necessary to carry if we’re out just for a bit, I like to have things handy just in case.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Keep looking forward to the next one!

One thought on “My Diaper Bag – What’s In My Bag

  1. Hi Ramya,

    I have across your youtube videos and got chance to watch videos on India packs.They are awesome and have more potential to grow huge. I don’t have insta account.Wanted to know the block prints contact number. Can you please share it with him .



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