A Day In The Life Of Raaga

I always loved watching those videos where they show a day in the life of a celebrity. Our toddlers aren’t any less busy! Just like stars have managers, our tots have us moms! Kinda got me thinking, how the day to day might look mundane from a distance but if we look close at our kids’ lives, their days are filled with the most fascinating stories of new experiences and explorations. I’m sure you know what I mean if you have a toddler.🙆‍♀️.

So I wanted to let you in on little snippets of a day in Raaga’s life and what we do together on a typical week day. It defintely keeps changing from time to time. I try to keep the routine going for the most basic things like lunch/dinner time and nap time. But play and activities are always flexible.

So our day typically starts like this –

Raaga wakes up at 9/9:30 and we say our bye byes to daddy as he goes to work. Then she drinks her milk and she chooses a book to read. We love reading books as we munch on a fruit. Sometimes she wants to read more than one book. Meanwhile my masala chai is in on the stove top simmering.

So while I have my tea , I give Raaga a fun activity to do. Usually at this point I’m definitely more inclined towards some quiet play so I can have my tea and not engage with her for several minutes. This includes activties like Stickers sticking on a sheet, playing with an open ended toy (which for now lasts only for 5 minutes) like the wooden rainbow stacker or the color block puzzle. Pompoms are great too.

If the weather I good, we love to go outside and enjoy the warm sunny day. So I boil an egg for Raaga and cut it into pieces and a little bit of salt, we take it with us. I buckle her up and she eats her snack as we watch ducks in the pond, and the water fountain and trees and flowers. Some days we just walk together without the stroller.

The spring time is here and with Summer coming up , I prefer to let her enjoy the breeze and the outside more.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I share a lot of the snippets of my everyday life and my #momentswithraaga . Do follow me there if you don’t yet!

Then we come back home and start prepping for lunch. It takes around 45 minutes for me to make lunch (sometimes less) . If there’s anything I’ve put in the cooker or on the stove top for simmering, I take Raaga for a bath at this time. After her bath, I switch on the TV or give her the ipad for sometime until I wrap up my work in the kitchen. So when I’m in the kitchen, I constantly don’t need to keep an eye on her during screen time. This is when she is walking around in the kitchen behind me ,trying to take spoons and dishes to pretend play with🤣 somtimes I find these spoons in her toy trunk 😅.

Raghu comes home for lunch everyday and so we all have lunch together. Around 2pm or so, our nap time starts.

Raaga usually sleeps for 2 and ½ hours to 3 hours. This is the time for me to catch up on house chores. Also somedays, I let those things be and go ahead and spend some time writing a blog post or just scrolling through instagram.

After her nap, Raaga wakes up around 4:30 or 5 and its snack time again. Avocado toast is one of her favorite evening snacks. Or I give her some puffed rice/murmura. And she also likes to munch on biscuits as we have our coffee/tea.

After this Raghu takes over because on all weekdays, I take music classes for kids and this is the time for Raaga and her dad to bond. Now that spring’s here, they are off on a long walk again together while I teach my classes at home. My dinner prep starts during Raaga’s nap time and once my classes are done, I make dinner. After having our dinner, this is the time we practically leave Raaga alone. She just kind of wanders around the house, plays with her noisy toys and stuffed toys. Her sleep time is around 10pm. Sometimes even later. This is because we want her to wake up late in the morning. We live in a one bed + one bath apartment and its just convenient this way. This works well for us and it might not for someone else . We like our routine and sort of fell into a rythm for now. The routine changes as Raaga moves into another phase of growing up but like I said, the basic things don’t change!

So thats our typical weekday routine. Somedays are different when we have more work on our plate or have somewhere to go but otherwise this is pretty much how we roll every day. Its fascinating to see a child grow slowly into this person you are meeting for the first time. I love every moment I spend with Raaga. Yes its hard and it takes a lot of patience but its the littlest of the little things I’m counting on and I know I’ll cherish these moments forever.

Tell me about what is your favorite part of YOUR typical day. The time of the day that you enjoy the most. Tell me in the comments below.